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Back in the good old days, before the advent of digital sound,  your music, if it wasn't live or coming to you over the radio, came on vinyl.  We're talking 45 RPM singles.  12" LP (that's Long Play) albums.  And yes, that may have been a while ago, but it might just have been the best quality achieved by mankind in sound technology.  No kidding.  We really mean it, but only because it's true.


When you play live music, it's analog by definition.  Nothing's pre-set.  When you make an analog recording of that music onto vinyl, the original waveform of the sound is preserved.  That's the beauty of analog.


CD's, on the other hand, are recorded by taking 'snapshots' of the music at a predetermined rate (for CD's it's 44,100 times per second).  It is therefore physically impossible for a digital recording to capture the entire sound wave, and this results in distortion.   When you play a CD, it's converted from digital to analog, because that's what the amplifier in your sound system needs to play it through your speakers, and this results in further sound quality loss.


This doesn't happen with vinyl records, of course, because they're analog to begin with, and record player output is analog as well.  Nothing needs to be converted, so you hear the sound as it really is, without loss or distortion.  Of course, this assumes your vinyl records are clean, without dust or scratches, which of course would sound like static.  Proper care of records avoids these issues.


Collectors and music lovers from around the world are rediscovering the incredible sound quality of those old vinyl records.  This page features albums of moromusic that are available only on 12" LP's. These are all brand-new, Wakefield Manufactured, 100% virgin vinyl of highest quality. Priced at just $18.95 each (multiple LP purchases are discounted) plus shipping.  Believe us when we tell you the sound quality of the vinyl is fantastic!

Vinyl Album Purchase Options
Shipping is $6.95 flat rate in the USA.
If you wish to purchase more than one copy of a single album, please use the form on our Contact page to make your request and let us know which album(s) you'd like to order, quantity and shipping address.  We will generate an invoice and will ship promptly on receiving payment.


Rain, Sun & Moon LP (vinyl)



This album contains Vermouth Rondo, Moro's best-known composition. Also featured is the title cut, both in instrumental and song form, along with twelve other offerings to tempt the ear, ease the day and smooth the rough edges of a ragged world.


"His is a gentle, deft yet mind-boggling touch, brilliant in its technical proficiency and almost transparent in its delivery"

-- John V. Hurst, Sacramento Bee


Moonset album LP (vinyl)



Included in this collection is Hosanna Blue, the most-aired guitar solo recording in the world for three years in a row. Keeping company with this are Arabias and Farruca, both with delicious Flamenco flavors, and one of the most haunting and tender examples of moromusic, Thespian's Ballade.  Click the player below to listen!

Concerto de Alcala LP (vinyl)



The title cut, in three movements, is an emotional journey with great depth, warmth and beauty. Moro's Minuet in E is a glorious yet sedate romp; Pieces of Anda is a must-hear piece of ear candy, delicate but strong, and unforgettable once heard. The album is rounded out with ten more delectable moromusic morsels.


"Moro offers a warmth and beauty rarely found in performers... Playing his own compositions in a mix of flamenco, classical and baroque stylings, Moro displays an ear-boggling technical mastery of his guitar."




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