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The video features:


CLOUD CASTLES -- from Moro's album Sky Tracings
-- from the album Sky Tracings
FRANCESCA'S TUNE** from the album Pieces of Anda

DEAR ALICANTE from the album The Granadina Collection

BOUGAINVILLAEA from the album Pieces of Anda

PIECES OF ANDA (Soul of Alhambra video) from the album Pieces of Anda
LONDON SUNDAY (Salmon Creek by the Sea - Mystical Shire of Living Art video) from the album Amilucience

SERENA (Moods Along Sonoma Coast video) from the album Amilucience


** This clip courtesy of Capital One Productions, Inc./Bay Area Life TV


Thanks to the photographers all over the world whose lenses helped provide the images for Moro's  Bougainvillaea and Soul of Dorotea videos.  For those who don't know, Moro was known early in his career as Buddy Bohn







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