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Moro has received accolades from around the world.  Below are just a few of the reviews and comments about the man and his music.



“Classical technique and pastoral feeling…laden with rich, eloquent harmonies.”


"He is tying the world together with a one-man thread."


"During the two centuries in which they flourished there were about 400 of these troubadours. Today, there is roughly one. His name is MORO."



"...Beautiful...his performance was a model of pure, harmonious playing. His tone sings...."



Un maestro consumado.
-- PUEBLO – Madrid


“He presents thrillingly delicate flights of spirit that are simply without equal, airing his own richly tuneful compositions with notes played so gently they seem at times to be unstruck.”

--TAGBLAT– Heidelberg


"He's tall and handsome, with the magnetism of a Pied Piper. Everywhere he goes people gather around. For life is all harmony in the company of Moro."



His demeanor, spell, and aura of romance invariably make him popular.”


"Highly entertaining...spins an enchanting effect...among the cream of his ilk...huge potential."






His 90 minute, strictly instrumental solo guitar recital was an aural journey to mystical worlds…  Playing his own compositions in a mix of flamenco, classical and baroque styling, Moro displayed an ear boggling technical mastery of his guitar… He puts on a concert that one has to experience because his real magic comes not in his fancy guitar pyrotechnics, but in the deep moods and emotions the music evokes…”--


"The guitar of Moro travels the world; a touch of flamenco, a hint of classics, some new world, and always gently expressive with warmth and romance..."


“…Beautiful…his performance was a model of pure, harmonious playing.  His tone sings…”




JOURNAL INTO MELODY, London, England  July 1996, by Davis Ades

Moro/ "Amilucience"


"Our friend Phil Stout has programmed Moro's recordings on his 'Beautiful Music' outlets in the USA for many years, and it is easy to understand why.  Moro himself admits that he is "more of a dreamer than a brilliant student of Segovia", but the haunting melodies he creates from his acoustic guitar  are just the remedy for relaxing quietly towards the end of the day..."


Radio Event Reviews
 We received some nice commentary after our event of December 8th 2020 on KKUP 91.5 FM Cupertino. Thought we'd share some of the joy! "Moro, thank you so much for telling me about your radio performance last night. I tuned in and it was like 40 years melted away. I was transported back to Santa Rosa and the many in person performances mom and I went to. To hear you sing, then talk to the audience and read the passage from Kin to the Wind, then play one of your masterpieces...just ahhhhhh. It brought immeasurable joy to my heart!" --Colonel Jill Higgins (ret) USAF and more.... "Was nice to have a good hit of you again, Moro! Wonderful music, epic story — so big when I first heard it 10 years ago, and it still is. Proud to know you!" --Brad Newsham" (author of Take Me With You) "Thank you for this. It is so good to hear your voice again in both song and the excerpt from your book. I was sure I ordered that but I have moved 4 times in the last 4 years for marriage and work. I shall have to order it again. Happy holidays to you and yours." --Scott Campbell, philosopher
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