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PIECES OF ANDA -- Moro's most romantic album...  Included in this beautiful collection are two of Moro's most famous pieces of music,  VERMOUTH RONDO and HOSANNA BLUE

Many people are quite surprised to learn that he did not learn to play in conservatories, for his mastery of the guitar is exemplary.  He was never schooled in the classic techniques of guitaristry in academies; his technique he learned from listening to the old guitar masters and letting his instrument guide him by singing his own thoughts back to him.  This accounts for the spectacular freedom of forms his music exhibits, and for the graceful flow that is one of the hallmarks of moromusic.

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Sunday, July 11, 1999 review by John Beck


“If you’re looking for close-your-eyes teleportation music, this is it.  The home-schooled Moro fondles his acoustic guitar, a century-old classic handcrafted by master luthier Marcello Barbero, to crystallized Old World-meets-New Age perfection.


Classical, jazz and flamenco styles blanket melancholy bass notes and acrobatic fingerpicking.  In the odd way that colors fit their titles, these entirely instrumental songs occasionally fit titles like Moonset, Dancing Horse and Bodega Reggae.


Possibly the most inspired of the 22 tunes are the last pair, Centurias and Alegria.


Digested as one long seamless dance, it’s not too much to say that the mellow Moro is gifted with talents becoming of ballerinas and flamenco dancers.”


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