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Granadina Collection cover art by Mary Barnett, based on an original painting by Butchart.



THE GRANADINA COLLECTION is at once a celebration of the guitar and a journey in music.  These eighteen glorious pieces are emotional.  They're deep, yet they fly; there's poignancy here, a bit of wistfulness.  Love, loss, passion.... the dance that is life.  Melody.  Moro's mastery of his instrument once again dazzles the ear.  Listening can bring a tear, a smile.  And often the question:  How'd he do that!??


These melodies, all composed by Moro, are exquisite.  His guitar -- an instrument made by the legendary Marcelo Barbero -- adds yet more layers of dimension to the music, with its complex and  dulcet tones.


Below are the track list and samples from The Granadina Collection.  This album is available from the moromusic store on CD and as mp3 download.  Click on any song name below to listen to a sample.


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