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Moro (under the name Buddy Bohn) recorded his VERMOUTH RONDO with the London Philharmonic.  That beautiful instrumental piece was included in the re-release of the 1973 'Purple People' sampler album.  You can read a bit about that album here -- there were some wonderful artists whose work was included on that album.

If you'd like to pick up a copy of that orchestrated version for yourself, it's available on the Purple label at the dpas online store


Radio Event Reviews
 We received some nice commentary after our event of December 8th on KKUP 91.5 FM Cupertino. Thought we'd share some of the joy! "Moro, thank you so much for telling me about your radio performance last night. I tuned in and it was like 40 years melted away. I was transported back to Santa Rosa and the many in person performances mom and I went to. To hear you sing, then talk to the audience and read the passage from Kin to the Wind, then play one of your masterpieces...just ahhhhhh. It brought immeasurable joy to my heart!" --Colonel Jill Higgins (ret) USAF --- and more.... "Was nice to have a good hit of you again, Moro! Wonderful music, epic story — so big when I first heard it 10 years ago, and it still is. Proud to know you! Warmth, Brad Newsham" (author of Take Me With You)-- "Thank you for this. It is so good to hear your voice again in both song and the excerpt from your book. I was sure I ordered that but I have moved 4 times in the last 4 years for marriage and work. I shall have to order it again. Happy holidays to you and yours." --Scott Campbell, philosopher
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 The title track of his Sky Tracings CD is enjoying heavy exposure at PlayNetwork. Music Choice Light Classical Channel: Vermouth Rondo Tune The Gypsy Played Gavotte Featherfoot Trebeck Street Waltz from Pieces Of Anda are currently on rotation. Catch them on Comcast, Direct TV and Time Warner. DMX Tranquility Channel: Esperanza Contemporary Instrumentals Channel: Pieces of Anda Sea Chanty Trebeck Street Waltz Dear Alicante Waltzing With Beatle Yucatan Regatta Saddest Clown Minuet in E Featherfoot Mosquito’s Dream Vedanta Hosanna Blue Rain, Sun & Moon Alberta Gavotte Limbo de Gamba Haiku Granadina Song of Hearts Sonatina in D Shepherd Boy’s Tune Alegria Elegance Channel: Featherfoot Rain, Sun & Moon Earthtones Channel Bodega Reggae Bougainvillaea Interlude Ambiant Nuance Alegria Featherfoot Dancing Horse Hosanna Blue Francesca’s Tune Folk Rock Channel The Man Acoustic Crossroads The Man
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