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AMILUCIENCE  is an album of uncommon excellence on the classical guitar containing twenty beautiful, evocative, and delicious pieces of moromusic. The guitar SINGS!


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Review:  THE PRESS DEMOCRAT, Santa Rosa, California  Sunday, August 25, 1996

by Chris Garcia, Staff Writer.

Moro/ "Amilucience"


"With the sound of the sea his muse, Bodega artist Moro shows how much emotion and how many evocations of time and place can be wrung from guitar strings in the proper hands. The answer: a lot.

Hailed by TIME magazine and the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, the gently affecting "Amilucience" far transcends anesthetizing New Age ether. It transports listeners to unnervingly distant locales, both emotional and geographical, with abundant avail from Moro's 19th-century Andalusian guitar ("one with wood so thin and clear, you can see candlelight through it," says the CD sleeve).

Moro doesn't pluck so much as weave, spinning gossamer tapestries that lull, not pull. The instrumentals are mottled with classical and Spanish inflections, and can be mournful ("Ramayana") to celebratory (the aptly titled "Firedancers," in which artful tangles of sound rollick the listener). Moro's playing goes from sedately lambent to baroque and filigreed, and he never allows his patent virtuosity to thwart accessibility."






Review:  JOURNAL INTO MELODY, London, England  July 1996, by Davis Ades

Moro/ "Amilucience"


"Our friend Phil Stout has programmed Moro's recordings on his 'Beautiful Music' outlets in the USA for many years, and it is easy to understand why.  Moro himself admits that he is "more of a dreamer than a brilliant student of Segovia", but the haunting melodies he creates from his acoustic guitar are just the remedy for relaxing quietly towards the end of the day..."



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