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Welcome to the official web site of MORO.... the last great Troubadour.    Virtuoso Composer/Guitarist of Classical and Neoclassical music for the guitar -- his fingers can seem to move faster than the laws of physics allow or play a slow, romantic, haunting and evocative piece with such a tender touch -- the guitar SINGS!


He's also a published author.  Moro's book, Kin to the Wind, a first-person account of his adventures -- a finalist for 2012 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year -- is available as paperback or E-book.  Order your copy now!!  Available from
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Moro's guitar made by Marcelo Barbero
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“If we can only remember, and let it in, Love will fix everything.” 
Congratulations to Moro for winning his 33rd consecutive ASCAP award!
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